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Hi – thanks for stopping by.

I am the General Manager of Payments at Mitek Systems in San Diego. If you’ve ever deposited a check by taking a picture of it with your mobile phone, then you’ve probably used our technology.  It is very cool.

I live in the Midwest and for most of my career have worked in the Silicon Valley.  I think both areas can learn something from the other.

I have carried either a computer, a backpack, or a weapon through over 25 countries. Of the three, I prefer the computer.

On average I blog once per week and focus on leadership, personal effectiveness, and innovation.

I have written guests posts and articles for a number of websites and periodicals in the financial services, technology, and social media industries. If you are interested in a contribution for your own site, please contact me via the form below.

On occasion I write a column for the editorial page of a local newspaper.  A few of those columns can be found here.

I have spoken at a number of conferences, with a general focus on mobile payments and innovation.  Here is a cool graphic recording from one of my presentations.

Finally, I am an optimist.  It’s an exciting time to be alive.


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