Published Columns

Below are just a few of my columns that have been published in the Appleton Post-Crescent.

Political Opinions and Personal Identity
August, 2017
When our opinions become part of our identity, we can get stuck.

Asking the Right Questions About Healthcare
May, 2017
If we keep asking the wrong questions, we’ll keep getting the wrong answers.

Immigration, Interpreters, and Promises
January, 2017
Insights from my experiences with interpreters in light of the immigration debate.

Elections, Citizenship, and our Better Angels
October, 2016
How two memos, written over 100 years apart, can teach us about citizenship.

Tuscan Hill Towns and 21st Century Trade
October, 2016
Thinking about 21st trade policies amidst 14th century towns.

Explaining How the Election Works
February, 2016
Explaining the presidential election process to a space alien.

Slavery, Symbols & The Mississippi State Flag
August, 2015
A list of Mississippi notables join forces to create overdue change.

Bridging The Wealth Gap
June, 2015
If we’re going to address the wealth gap, we’ll need to start with some honesty.

Shining A Light On Trolls
March, 2015
Public shaming and patent trolls:  An underutilized strategy?

Tesla Shakes Up the Auto Business
June, 2014
Auto dealerships struggle to protect the status quo.

Welcome Back College Students!
September, 2013
Unsolicited advice as the school year commences.

On Cancelled Flights and Industry Consolidation
April, 2013
Business would be so much easier without those pesky customers….

Too Little Information
October, 2012
What would James Madison say? 

The Superheros of Election Season
August, 2012
A column about amazing powers and entertaining fiction during election season.

New Childhoods and New Jobs
June, 2012
Why are we switching places with our kids?

Fate And An Unsinkable Ship
April, 2012
A young man watches the Titanic leave Belfast.

Respect For Office
January 2012
Learning a lesson from the military….

November, 2011
Veterans Day.

Software & Inequality
September, 2011
Technology disruption drives income inequality in ways that tax rates cannot.

Graduation Speeches
June, 2011
A few exerpts from 2011 college graduation speeches….

An American Horror Story
April, 2011
So, you don’t think that tax forms are interesting?  Well think again…if you dare.

Crude Oil & Hot Air
January, 2011
Vision without execution is hallucination.

Once Upon A Time: A Story About Change
December, 2010
Unexpected plot twists for two giant book retailers.

June, 2010
Social media:  Past is Prologue.

Illinois Politicians
August, 2010
A salute to excellence in graft.

April, 2010
Civility is not a lack of passion, principal, or decisiveness.  Civility is not something we find only on the right, on the left, or in the middle – it is something we find in ourselves.

February, 2010
Innovate or die.

Commercials That Make Parents Wince
September, 2009
Pharmaceutical television ads and awkward silences.

Yes.  I Am a Tourist.
June, 2009
A sweeping defense of a much-maligned traveler.

Spring & The Upper Midwest
April, 2009
I take my first hesitant steps outside; my legs trembling, my skin pale, and my eyes squinting in the harsh daylight.  This must be what it was like for early life forms millions of years ago to evolve from the primordial ooze and begin to walk on land.

Markets & Psychology
February, 2009
Fear.  Greed.  Globalization.  Magic 8 Balls.

Political Words
November, 2008
On political advertising and repitition.  On political advertising and repitition.

M&Ms and Balancing
June, 2008
What M&Ms can teach us about success.  Wait for it….wait for it…..

A Nation of Producers.  A Nation of Consumers.
April, 2008
We have met the enemy and he is us.

Celebrating Our Good Fortune
October, 2006
The world is going to hell in a handbasket.  At least that’s what I understood as I looked at the book the guy sitting next to me in the plane was reading.

A French Guy & A New Country
July, 2006
If Alexis de Tocqueville were still alive, we would be over 200 years old, which would be only slightly more remarkable than a book he authored following a trip to the United States in his 26th year.

St. Patrick & Monsters
March, 2006
On March 17, the annual celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day will no doubt be in full swing throughout the United States.  It is a day to commemorate the life of an iconic figure in Irish history who died over 1,545 years ago.

The Art of Zen & Plastic Packaging 
January 1, 2006
I did it.  She’s free.