Thank You!

baby_eating_cakeThis humble blog is one year old today.  Thanks!

I sent out this goofy little post on day one, and hung in there to see this first birthday.

I have a whole bunch of “needs improvement” issues, but overall it’s been a good ride, and much of it is due to you, the people who read/forward/comment upon my posts, so thank you for making this a fun endeavor.

Below are some of the leading posts/columns I put up this year (note that when I say “column” I’m referring to a newspaper column I occasionally write which made it’s first appearance in a traditional newspaper).

After my About Me page (number one in page views), the most visited post is this one about creativity, which continues to receive decent traffic three months after it was posted (a fair percentage of which comes from outside the U.S. for some reason).

If you’re a mobile payments geek, this one was also popular, and was probably my longest as well.

My posts which reflected upon lessons I’ve been able to apply to my business career from the military were popular as well.  This one is on technology partnerships.  This one is on measuring performance. This one is about delegating.  If you are, or know, a veteran you might enjoy this column on the subject of Veterans Day, published in 2011.

While I haven’t put all of my columns on this site, I have a number of them, with descriptions, on this page.  Please feel free to take a look. FYI, this column for returning college students (published at the beginning of this current school year) went quasi-viral and had a lot of views.

Looking ahead, I’m going to stay on the (very general) topics of business innovation, leadership, productivity, and life balance.

It’s been a great year, and a fun ride.  Thanks for joining me, and if you haven’t done so already, please provide your email address in the box on the right column so that you can receive regular updates.  I will not try to sell you a juicer, nor will I share your information with anyone, including people who sell juicers.

Thank You!



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  • jamesoliverjr

    Congrats, buddy! Well done.

    • Michael

      Thanks James. If you get a chance to read my SteamFeed post today you might notice a depiction of your supporting role in my blog. Thanks!

  • Michael McBrien

    it has been a great year! Thanks for all of your insites… Great stuff!